1. ChipJohnson84's Avatar
    I just updated to the software and my BES email is no longer in sync with my mailbox. My gmail works fine, if I delete something on my BB it deletes from my gmail and vice versa. Before I upgraded my BES worked fine and was fully synched up

    For the BES when I go to email reconciliation there is no more option for "wireless reconcile" or "on conflicts" although its still there when i look at the gmail account. My BES only options are "delete on" and I have that to mailbox and handheld, but no luck

    Im not sure if this is a glitch but Im hoping I can get things back to where if I delete on one it effects the other. Thanks
    12-22-09 01:51 PM
  2. ChadH42's Avatar
    I'm running .405 and my BES email has wireless reconciliation on, which must be the case for sync to work.

    Not sure but you may need to re-run the enterprise activation.
    12-22-09 02:51 PM