1. spicyscreamer's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I've recently switched back to my trusty 9900 from the Q10.

    I'd like to ask how do I setup my office email settings on this computer?

    I have POP and IMTP server settings but when I use the email wizard to set it up, the email takes a bit longer to come in. The first method's server settings is: exchange.mycompanyname.com/exchange

    When I do the alternative method to set up my email account, like keying in the server details in this case i put in the POP server name, I can't seem to delete on both mailbox and handheld. Just on the handheld

    Which is the right way to set it up?

    And it takes almost 15 mins for me to receive the emails on my device as oppose to using Microsoft Outlook which is almost instant depending on file size. Please advice guys! Thanks in advance
    09-11-13 03:06 AM
  2. tlegend2012's Avatar
    Did you change your data plan? I would check that.
    09-11-13 07:47 AM

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