1. mjbanks's Avatar
    I have 2 Google Apps domains that I am using up with my Bold on AT&T (BIS). With BIS 2.6 and Gmail using IMAP, I wanted to remove and re-add my accounts to take advantage of syncing read mail status back to the server.

    I setup the first email account/domain with no problem. It was immediately recognized at being a Gmail/Google Apps account and was setup accordingly and emails are immediately pushed to my Bold. The other domain, though, is not recognized at Gmail/Google Apps. I put in the username/password and it sits at "processing" for a while and then says it's unable to configure the account and I have to set it up manually. When I do this, the email is not pushed immediately and there is a 10-15 minute delay.

    However, BOTH domains were recognized as Gmail/Google Apps when I initially set them up back in November 2008 when it was using POP. It worked before, but doesn't now.

    Is there any way I can get BIS to recognize this domain as being with Google Apps so I can get push email on my Bold like other Google Apps domains?

    04-05-09 09:20 AM
  2. kenny213's Avatar
    Good news. Since BIS went down yesterday, I have been able to delete and reinstall my 3 google apps email accounts and they were recognized as a gmail emails.
    04-14-09 10:56 AM