1. bagalo's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Is BIS/BES required for firewall function on OS6?

    The reason why i'm asking this is that i had one 8520 device before. On that one, i enabled firewall but i was not using BIS/BES and i got reports that some messages were blocked eveh tho i enabled to get messages only from contacts.

    I would use this firewall to filter out the sms messages and recieve the ones only from my contacts.

    I'm using platform (os6)
    02-16-16 02:00 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Nope. You don't really need BES for it. As for BIS, well, that's pretty much a requirement all around when using an older device otherwise you're not getting any data anyway.
    02-16-16 06:30 PM
  3. bagalo's Avatar
    Thank you for that.

    As for part about BIS, can you clarify that a bit? I'm confused because i'm able to use phone without any issues when i'm on data connection. Actually, if you put service books for that "hack", you are only left with unusable email part: you are unable to setup or use email from main app. SmartMail app is not helping with this (it worked on v5, not sure about the v6). Only solution is to use logicmail for this.

    I understand that BIS is a good little thing however it is not available here for regular people so i'm unable to try it out and frankly $10 for instant emails is a bit much considering the fact that logicmail is doing that for $0.

    Thank you in advance.
    02-17-16 07:30 PM

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