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    This is for my boss as Google sync works great for me. For her, since she creates meetings, if she cancels them it will send emails from her personal account to co-workers.

    is there anything better then the stock calendar sync with bb desktop software. The reason she doesn't like it is because it only syncs upon connection. If she connects it, sits at her desk for 4 hours and new events get into her calendar, these are not automatically updated until she does a manual update.

    Hoping someone can chime in as I have searched but have not found anything.
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    07-01-09 04:56 PM
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    If she has BES it should automatically sync over the cell network via the company server without having to connect physically to her computer. Maybe i'm trying to answer the wrong question though?
    07-01-09 09:56 PM
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    Sorry, I didn't specify. Company does not have BES, only for executives. She has to connect it and she doesn't mind that but desktop manager only syncs upon connection and won't keep updating by itself.
    07-02-09 07:27 AM