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    Hey guys,

    I have a personal blackberry which has the BES (desktop) service on it. I have since left the company, but the BES is still on there. I also use BIS, which works fine. But the BES is a hassle. I can't use "blackberry protect", the company can track everything I do (even though I doubt that they do), and also this has thrown off my default services. My default calendar and email automatically goes to the desktop service... and I can't change it to BIS.

    What can I do? I did a backup, and would just do a security wipe and then restore... but doesn't the backup include all of the BES policies? I found one post on this issue... but its 5 years old and don't want to follow it because its for the older OS's. Can someone just walk me through it? I'm not too tech savvy.
    04-11-12 05:57 PM
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    You can use the latest version of Desktop Manager to remove an IT Policy. But the technique described in the old thread you found also works.

    Restoring a backup won't restore an IT Policy once it's removed. IT Policy's are installed and maintained by the Enterprise Server at your company. Since you are no longer employed there, you won't be able to reconnect to the Enterprise, so the policy, once removed, won't get pushed back.
    04-11-12 07:32 PM
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    Where is this old post?
    04-13-12 11:36 PM
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    I assumed he was talking about this one: http://forums.crackberry.com/tips-ho...y-phone-81401/
    04-13-12 11:42 PM