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    I had a **** of a day with BB7 yesterday but finally got it to re-boot. Turns out after having to do a complete OS re-install for some other issue, BB7 lost all contacts. I had to revert back to BBM 6.2, then upgrade to BB7 using the BBM 7 mobile link because doing it via the appworld wouldn't work.

    Here are my questions for those that know this stuff more than me.

    There is no ability to backup BB7 remotely anymore and as I learned, forget the backup file created during backup because restoring that does nothing.
    I am told that BBM7 is now associated with your blackberry ID and that the information in BB7 is now saved on Blackberry's "cloud". This is why we've gotten the "associating BBM7 with your blackberry ID" messages when updating.

    Question: How do we know for sure that the information is indeed getting backed up or is being associated with our blackberry ID's?? I would hate for a phone crash to discover that this was not the case?

    Question: The fact we open App World and don't need to enter our password or log-in information (Blackbery ID) tells me our phones are always connected or logged in to Blackberry ID. Am I correct in this assumption? Therefore, is there a need to log-in to Blackberry ID from our phone to backup BBM? Are all changes changed automatically then?

    Last question:

    Given that I needed to download BB7 from the blackberry messenger mobile site link and NOT through App world, BBM is no longer listed under "installed apps" in Appworld's "My World" list of installed apps. It does show in my "uninstalled" list though, presumably the uninstalled BBM 6.2.

    Question: Do I need to worry about this? Given that it is no longer listed in my installed apps in appworld, how will I receive notification of any future updates? Do I need to worry or care that it is no longer listed under my installed apps in appworld?

    Thank you to all that take the time to reply. It is greatly appreciated.
    12-18-12 02:53 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I'm in agreement having a backup we can access and use, beyond logging into BBID would be a good idea. I haven't seen anyone report they've lost all their contacts, so I presume the new system is working well, but with all the server error issues, it doesn't inspire confidence.

    App World is indeed associated with your BBID. To reset the application list in "My World" open it, hold alt, press r s t. It will close App World, and when you open it again, the list should show correctly your installed/uninstalled.
    12-18-12 07:03 PM

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