1. Fatboy40's Avatar
    I'd like to start testing BBM voice chat properly but the icon just isn't there when in a chat or under Menu Key/Contact, so I'm wondering if anyone here can give me any advice on this ?.

    I'm the head of the IT Dept at my employer so I have total control over our environment, we're on BES 5.x and I'm using a 9900 on Wi-Fi as is a colleague I'm testing this with. BBM is up to date, and we're both on fairly recent releases of the BlackBerry OS.

    Ordinary BBM chats work fine, no problems at all. However, the green voice chat icon never appears in the top right hand corner, and when pressing the menu key and going to the contact there's no option to start a voice chat either. Is the fact that we're using BES having any effect ? (we've no policies set to restrict BBM in any way, and in IT we don't run the strict policies we apply to most users).

    02-07-13 11:58 AM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    The Icon for BBM Voice only appears when your contact on the other end has BBM Voice too. Since it is an update, if your contact has not updated, or isn't allowed the update for reasons such as old OS versions, then the icon won't appear.
    02-07-13 04:55 PM
  3. Fatboy40's Avatar
    I've worked out that this is because both ends did not have a BlackBerry ID setup (only I did). In an Enterprise environment you'd more than likely find that no one would would have a BlackBerry ID setup, especialy if App World is blocked as having one would be pointless. It looks like we may have to alter some of our BES policies and give our users a guide on how to add a BlackBerry ID

    Case closed
    02-08-13 04:11 AM

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