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    Long story short: is a 9780 (os 6) capable of initiating/receiving BBM voice calls on BIS?

    I have a Passport and the other party a 9780 and I'd really like to chat with that person, however, she does not currently have the BIS activated. I know that basic BBM'ing would work, but i'm more interested in voice calling, strictly on BIS, not wi-fi.

    I'm just asking to be sure, so that she doesn't activate the Internet service for nothing.
    02-16-16 07:04 AM
  2. mousii's Avatar
    Hi. I am no expert on this but if you want cell tower Internet on that phone BIS will be active. If BIS is not active I don't think you have Internet.

    So... once the phone is connected to the cell towers and you have Internet you are good to voice chat on bbm.

    This is what I think.

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    02-16-16 07:10 AM
  3. TheGonka95's Avatar
    I have OS6 the on my 9650 with BIS and I can't get the BBM calling function to work. It says it can't connect.

    Posted via CB10
    10-05-16 10:50 AM

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