1. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    On Bell Mobility, BBM's 0.55 upgrade didn't appear until after 0.56 was announced. I upgraded manually by downloading (with an Install, not an Upgrade button) in App World. It replaced my old BBM, all was well.

    I then upgraded to 0.56, through App World, using the Upgrade button. Now, I still see "Upgrade Available" in App World for BBM, even though the version numbers now match, both at 0.56.

    I tried to clear it by downloading it, installing the upgrade, replacing 0.56 with 0.56, but it persists in telling me that an upgrade is available.

    How can I clear this? Should I just remove BBM and reinstall it? BBM seems to work just fine. Perhaps I should wait for the 0.57 upgrade and see if that clears it?
    12-21-09 11:40 AM
  2. Glenn J's Avatar
    If it's just showing up like that in Apworld, I'd leave it as is. Sounds like it's working just fine for you otherwise.

    I like Apworld and I like how it's easy to DL stuff and see what version you have vs the current version. However, it's really clunky on my Curve and it'll sometimes freeze or crash.
    12-22-09 07:36 AM