1. brylleQuirante's Avatar
    There seems to be a real issue w/ BBM after I updated my Torch to OS 6 Bundle 3049.

    Ok, here's what happened:
    Prior to the os update, I was able to download & use BBM perfectly since I got it. In fact,I dowbloaded every beta version of BBM v7 since it was launched in the beta zone until the official release in the AppWorld & everything went smoothly from then on.

    Not until I updated my os.

    So I reinstalled all the apps & files etc & surprsingly, when I tried to update my BBM to v7, I couldn't find it on AppWorld & when I finally found a link straight to the BBM page, it says "Unavailable for this device" which is ironic since, as I said, I had been using BBM since the day I got this device!

    I don't normally post queries in forums cause I'm the do-it-yourself type of guy that tries to fix everything on my own but I never found anything that worked so far! (Not even BlackBerry's tech support was able to give any solution that worked)

    I was hoping any of you guys could help me out?

    By the way, just to clarify, I have my BBM up & running now but it's on v6 (thanks to offline installers) & I want my BBM v7 back!

    The problem's not the location (I'm in the Philippines & as I said, I've used BBM 7 even before that it was still in Beta)
    It's not the device as I'm using a Torch 9800 w/ os 6 bundle 3049

    So anyone out there who might have encountered the same issue? Anyone who could provide solutions? I'd really appreciate any help from anyone right now! I just want my BBM 7 back!

    Thank you for the future help!
    01-02-13 01:58 PM
  2. bmercer94's Avatar
    I've had a similar issue, but here: http://db.tt/iT9wRvam link for for OS6 OTA(offline installer if you use OTA Downloader)
    01-03-13 09:22 AM
  3. Fahmidul Haque's Avatar
    How do i update my smartphone using that offline link?
    05-12-13 06:40 AM

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