1. casscolt's Avatar
    Ok so the wife has a 8330 as do i. Im away at work for 2 weeks a month and that is how we talk in the mornings. Her bbm just stops working every day. Seems to happen all the time now. She has to pull the battery to get everything going again. PITA cause i need to wait for her phone to restart. Can someone give me some insight as to how to fix this problem. Oh ya on Bell in Canada if that helps. Thanks
    06-05-12 06:06 AM
  2. casscolt's Avatar
    Nobody really!!!!!
    06-06-12 05:41 AM
  3. kbz1960's Avatar
    Maybe delete it reboot and reinstall? Backup wipe and restore only needed items?
    06-06-12 06:42 AM
  4. mawire's Avatar
    Eish 8330 rily?? Dude love your wife enough to get her the latest models

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    06-08-12 11:54 AM
  5. casscolt's Avatar
    I would happily buy her something better but where we live we don't have the service for any of the newer phones yet. CDMA is the only way we can go right now. Sucks I know but soon is to change
    06-09-12 05:43 AM