1. brdl04's Avatar
    Is there anyway to send BBM messages through the SMS/MMS menu? I like BBM but I hate having to go into the BBM client to use it.
    01-20-10 10:05 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    No, there is no way to send BBM thru the SMS/MMS menu.
    01-20-10 10:12 PM
  3. ridesno159's Avatar
    You can send SMS's through the BBM menu though.
    01-20-10 10:15 PM
  4. kbremington's Avatar
    if you type in the first few letters of your contact's name, it will bring up your contact. it automatically highlights the contact's number. if you scroll up and highlight the contact's name (not the number), and hit the BB button, there will be an option to "instant message." click on that and it will allow you to send through BBM
    01-20-10 10:54 PM