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    Refer to this article to find out what happened.

    Stuff like this should be a wake up call for not only those looking to prevent self-incrimination but those who carry Blackberries that contain sensitive information, documentation, company files or other files that you don't wish to fall into the wrong hands. Mainly when you're using Blackberry Messenger, here's the key tips to prevent anyone (including law enforcement) from accessing your messages, using information in them against you and creating further repercussions.

    We all know according to that article the only way law enforcement managed to intrude into the network was via insecure BBM clients, logs being saved and failures in common sense. But the following is useful for any user who risks having information comprised, you don't need to be a criminal looking to prevent self-incrimination

    - Disable the BBM logs.

    Prevents anyone from picking up your phone and pulling up the complete discussion of whatever you had with one of your contacts, a group of them or more then one.
    BB Key > Options > Save Chat History > Never
    - Close your BBM Chat Windows.
    Erases any current on-screen history.
    - Remove yourself from BBM Groups.
    When it's not nessarcy to be in them or you're using them confidentially to provide information, when you no longer require to be in it.... temporarily leave it. You can always get back in on the fly anyways. If your phone is stolen, seized or etc, they won't have access to the group(s).

    This should be common sense, but it obviously isn't.
    08-17-11 08:36 AM
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    you don't need to be a criminal looking to prevent self-incrimination
    That's a bit of a stretch... I'm sure one could debate their are various degrees of shady behavior, but if you look at the word "criminal" and the word "incrimination" I'd bet you wouldn't have to compare them for very long before you recognize the common root beneath both words.
    08-17-11 08:54 AM
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    The most self-incriminating thing I said on bbm was that I drink (I'm under 21) but still thank you for the tips there are a lot of things I think I do not need untill its too late and I recognize my mistake. I'm not talking about getting arrested but there are plenty of people around me who love to pick up my phone when I'm not looking, that is why I set my phone to lock whenever I'm away for 2 minutes or if I holster it. It may be annoying at times and slow me down but it gives me that sense of security I enjoy having.

    You'd be surprised at the stuff that you thought was innocent but when picked up by the wrong person becomes very embarrasing.

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    08-17-11 06:56 PM
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    Next time I riot I'll remember that.
    Oh wait, I'm a responsible citizen, I wouldn't riot and don't have to worry about my phone getting confiscated by the police.
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    08-17-11 07:29 PM
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    Thanks for the thoughtful topic. I agree with its sentiment.

    Movies and the media regularly conflate the Fifth Amendment RIGHT not to have to WITNESS against oneself and the Fifth Amendment PRIVILEDGE not to have to witness against someone else if giving such testimony could incriminate oneself of a crime. And that's why the government will grant immunity: so one can be compelled to witness (testify) against someone else. But one can never lawfully be compelled to witness against himself even if the testimony is not incriminating. As a responsible civic-minded American who is abhorred by tyranny, I refuse to witness against myself. And I don't care if that irritates the government.
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