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    Hey guys, so my 9930 should be coming by FedEx tomorrow, so I will be transferring all of my bbm contacts via the DM device switch wizard, BB ID (email back up), and that's all good.

    BUT, what I was wondering is if I could keep bbm running on my 9650 via wifi at the same time as my new device with all the same contacts. I assumed that when u switched devices and registered a new PIN with your back-up email/BB ID it erased your old PIN from your contacts bbm lists and replaced it with your new PIN.

    I also don't want to complicate things and mess stuff up. So am I better off just switching everything over and forget about trying to play with my, soon to be old, 9650's bbm on wifi?

    Main reason for this is that I am part of a testing group for themes (which will stay anonymous) and I wanted to still be able to download themes via wifi to test until the theme builder for the new OS7 devices dropped. I would chat with the group on my 9930, but still be able to see the group on my old bbm.

    Sorry if my quandry is redundant or confusing, I'm just trying to figure this out.

    Thanks for any help!


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    08-16-11 03:31 AM
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    as its widely known around here, BBM wont work over wifi without an ACTIVE blackberry account registered to the phone.

    once the new phone is active or a SIM card is removed, all blackberry data services (BBM, emails and some apps) will no longer work on your old device even if you are connected to wifi.

    once the DM switch is complete and your BBM list registers/restores, your old device will still have the full contact list, but the PIN will be inactive. you WILL NOT be able to use BBM on the inactive phone. you can however use wifi to browser the internet and download themes and whatnot.
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    08-16-11 04:36 AM