1. Lauren_J's Avatar
    Hi people of crackberry!

    I know there has been several posts about BBM not working but i cant seem to find anything to solve my issue! PLEASE HELP!! im at a loss!

    I had the curse of the red light last week and after much screaming had my handset replaced.....only to find it was the battery that had died so next day had that replaced too (ps my phone is only 2 months old!!)

    Soooo, once replaced, we got up and running i restored the phone with a back up i had from november....stupid me didnt back the phone up sooner. Rang ORANGE my network provider and had emails and internet back up and running so far all good...but for some reason BBM is having none of it. Its loading my contacts and after a few mins all the profile pictures appear but i cant send any messages it just comes up with a tick but no D or R.

    Ive tried deleting BBM a few times and re-installing but no luck, i deleted app world and re-installed and started over again but nope. Ive done everything Orange have asked me to but no luck, so now they are saying the issue is with Blackberry not them. So i called RIM but for technical support you have to pay (!?).......so here i am!

    Someone out there please please help me!! im so at a loss now!!

    Thank u!!
    01-30-12 09:32 AM
  2. darth1sbw's Avatar
    Have you tried installing your BBM contacts one-by-one using their PIN and not using the back up?
    05-15-12 05:16 PM