1. lebdiablo's Avatar
    I have a weird issue. I can receive and send messages to everyone on my contact but there is contact that I have I can only receive message from them but I cant send any. When I send messages to that contact it only shows the check mark but no "D" or "R".

    Any idea what the issue is.. we both are using the latest BBM. I am located in the states and the other person is in the Middle East.

    We both did battery pulls.. I am using the Bold 9900 and the other contact is using the Pearl 3G.

    Any idea why this is happening? Or anyone can point out a solution?

    Thanks for all the help in advance.
    11-11-11 12:23 AM
  2. ALC3653's Avatar
    Did you ever get an answer to this problem? I have the same problem--except that I live in the U.S. and my friend lives in Argentina.
    01-28-12 10:45 PM
  3. Tank1978's Avatar
    could be an overseas thing/carrier issue......
    01-28-12 11:34 PM
  4. CrackMachine's Avatar
    could be an overseas thing/carrier issue......
    Seeing a similar issue with one contact (Orange in Europe to Canadian carrier).
    04-05-12 04:32 PM