1. MTL_BB_user's Avatar
    I upgraded to 7.1 and upgraded latest BBM Music, BBM, App World versions and loading BBM Music i get the BBM Connected screen, it connects, then shows me to BBM Music logo and at bottom says registering, then stops and say:

    " Account Couldn't be registered. Unable to retrieve service configuration"(R11)

    I have deleted BBM music and reinstalled and still same result. My subscription is still active.

    Anyone with some help!?
    05-18-12 09:50 AM
  2. djanti11's Avatar
    I got the same thing after a upgrade to 7.1 I guess that's the end of that I'm not gonna downgrade back for bbm music

    Ok I had to edit this! To get it to work again just turn wifi and your mobile network restart the moblie network then try to get in to bbm music again it should work.
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    07-06-12 08:51 PM
  3. Tracey Smyth's Avatar
    None of these help I still can't get bbm music is there any other suggestions please
    01-14-13 09:33 PM