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    Here is the situation, to understand how BBM messages/history work:

    I copied to clipboard the conversation histories of 3 of my contacts (with who i talk a lot, so all convos were very long and cut) and pasted them one after another in a email. I donít understand the result:

    - contact 1: 100 messages (message 1 = A: XXX, message 2 = B: YYY, etc.) sometimes quite long
    - contact 2: 91 messages (in general shorter than contact 1, so not a problem of size)
    - contact 3: 100 messages, as contact 1, but done later the same day...

    1) Any reasons?
    2) Is the ď100 messagesĒ the usual size of export (easy to check by copy/pasting in excel), or just happened randomly?
    3) Do you know if it is possible to delete only several lines in a BBM history, i.e., the convo was already cut to 100 lines, I deleted (in BBM or messages) several lines (so new count <100) and did not receive new message before copy/paste, so that i have less than 100 even if cut at the top?

    Thank you for your help!!!!
    05-23-12 12:34 PM
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    I am not aware of any limits but I will ask around. Also by replying hopefully othrs will see the thread that may know and will answer.
    05-26-12 06:16 PM