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    im not looking to turn this into a thing about RIM losing grip on smartphone market and all that or how bbm can never be replaced. im just curious about what you guys think about these new apps.

    we all remember kik which grew so rapidly that they used private charter planes to ship in servers to support growth. then they eventually got served with infringement from Rim. theres also 'whats app' and more recently LiveProfile and pingchat. i've been getting a bunch of requests from friends to join these, especially liveprofile, recently.

    what do you guys think? are they decent apps? isn't a huge risk to have such a similar app to BBM?

    i've been trying to try use liveprofile today but they got 1 million new users in5 days so they have an outage for maintenance.
    03-31-11 05:43 PM
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    I have a 10+ friends on Live Profile and I'm willing to give it a shot but BBM is where it's at.
    03-31-11 06:00 PM
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    With a stepson on Android and Bro-In-Law on iPhone, my wife and I have tried pretty much all the cross platform messaging apps (WhatsApp, PingChat, Kik, Pinch). So far, none have come even close to BBM for speed. Some had nearly the same functionality, but would take literally hours at times to deliver a message, which kind of takes the "I" out of IM. Some messages would never reach their destination. We've been trying to evaluate LiveProfile, but their servers have been down more than up over the last few days. We'll see. It will be interesting, if the rumors are true that BBM is being released to Android and iOS in a few weeks, to see how it measures up across the party lines. They have set the bar pretty high.
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    03-31-11 06:25 PM
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    lol "which kind of takes the "I" out of IM"
    03-31-11 06:37 PM