1. jools222's Avatar
    Hi, most of the time my phone is on vibrate, I was wondering if there is a way that when I get a message through on bbm it wont vibrate and is silent but will stay on vibrate for texts and calls. hmm hope this makes sense!
    05-26-10 07:10 AM
  2. elvin1983's Avatar
    What model BlackBerry do you have?
    05-26-10 07:30 AM
  3. jools222's Avatar
    bb curve 8900
    05-26-10 07:35 AM
  4. elvin1983's Avatar
    You're going to need to go to your profiles menu, and scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Advanced". This will then open up a screen that will list all of your profiles. You're going to want to make sure that "Vibrate" is active, and then you're going to want to highlight that, and select it. The next screen will be a list of every different notification that you can set on your Curve. Scroll down until you see the one for BBM, select it, and then set your alert type from vibrate to none, then press menu, and save. This will make it so that for BBM messages you won't recieve any kind of vibrating notification, but it won't change your settings for any other notifications you recieve.
    05-26-10 07:40 AM
  5. jools222's Avatar
    Cheers mate, you're a star.

    Ive changed it to 'none' alert types on bbm, out of holster and in holster whatever that is...
    05-26-10 08:06 AM
  6. elvin1983's Avatar
    Yeah the in holster and out of holster just means that you can set different alerts depending on if you have the phone holstered or not, the phone can recognize when it's in it's holster, I don't use the option myself...

    Glad I could help, enjoy the 8900!

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    05-26-10 08:10 AM