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    hi everyone !

    i dont even know why im posting this, but im just curious as to why something like this isnt implemented

    BBM - its all about sharing your pin and chatting, its a great messenger, we all love it

    you can add everyone you want, friends, family members, some girl you met at a party etc, really great

    theres also BBM Groups !
    you can create your own group and all that, add people from your contact list to that group and have a BBM Group with up to 30 people, really awesome
    all the people you chat with in BBM can see your username and your pin, alright, this is what i dont get

    if its a group made of people from your contact list, people you actually added, thats fine, thats what BBM is all about, you made sure you want the people in your contact list to know your pin and they most likely also know your name (if ur not someone who just adds random people)

    what i dont quite understand tho, is this:
    there are many people on this forum who just join random groups (i don't do that, for obvious reasons, dont wanna add some random people and dont want them to know my pin or my name Oo - sure i could just only use my first name as username, but maybe i dont want them to know my first name either? but maybe i want the people in my contact list to see my real name, but now i'd have to decide... share my real name with random people so my friends, family members etc in my contact list can see it or use some weird username (just like most of us do in this forum) - but then my friends would also see that weird name

    sure, people in your contact list could just easily rename you, but its still kinda stupid Oo

    there are many people on this forum who like to join random groups just for some conversations, lets say they join a group about their favorite tv series, about sports, for flirting or stuff like that

    my question:
    when these people join random groups, why do they have to share their pin? why cant they just join that random group by scanning the group-barcode without giving the people in that group their pin automatically?

    why cant you just have "2 profiles"

    1 for the people you know, your friends, family members, people you actually added, the people in your contact list
    these people can see your pin and your the username you want them to see (for example your real name)

    and then theres your "second profile"
    people who actually like to join random groups, can do so just by scanning the group barcode (you can do that already, but now without giving them your pin or your real username, you can just use a different username especially for that group)
    like, "what kind of username do you want people to see who don't have your pin"

    i mean, its really not important, i just wondered
    i wouldnt join any of these random groups anyway, i dont see the point in it

    but it would be quite nice for some situations
    for example..lets say a friend of yours made a group of 20 people and wants you to join, sure ! but now there are 3-4 people joining this group you really dont like or just dont know that well, and you dont want them to know your pin

    sorry about this kinda stupid post, was just curious as to why this isnt possible
    maybe someone can explain? oo
    wouldnt that make sense or am i just being stupid right now? xD
    08-25-11 02:41 PM