1. psychocryo's Avatar
    Hi all,

    im practically new here. i have found that this forum has many solutions to the problems i've searched before. however there is one prob i cant get it fixed.

    i have followed the instructions from the below link to remove bbm group notification from integrating with messages folder notification :


    my problem is when i turn it off,i will also wont get the group chat notification. It's not totally missing but when there is a new group alert, i will get the small notification icon but when i press it,there is no particular notification to be pressed to open up the new alert. i need to manuall go into bbm and open group chat.

    does anyone know why this is happening?i've made sure that i didnt turn off notification for this group.

    p.s : im using blackberry torch 9860 with 7.1 OS
    06-14-12 12:51 AM