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    I'm having a problem with BBM group messages, where they are showing up in the notification screen, and in the unified inbox. I've made some screenshots to illustrate.

    I'm using OS and BBM on a BB 9900.

    When I click/tap the notifications bar on my home screen:

    I get the notifications page, and you can see BBM group messages in the "Messages" section:

    But if I scroll down in the notifications, there's also a separate section form them:

    I don't want them in my "Messages" inbox, just in the separate section for the notifications. Or barring that, just in the Messages inbox.

    If I look at the settings for the BBM group, there's this window:

    If I turn off message list integration, it removes the separate notifications section as well. If I turn off all notifications for the group, it kills all the notifications. Why is there both:

    1) Message List Integration
    2) Turn off All notifications for this group

    Why have both of these? Seems like they do the same thing? Or is the 2) just a quick toggle? What am I missing?
    06-26-12 02:31 PM