1. bebeklonia's Avatar
    I've just updated my Torch 9800 to the 6.0.600 and I've had some issues about the BBM group..

    1.There is one group that doesn't show, and i can't ask them to remove and re-add since im the admin, they say that I'm still in the group

    2.The restored group only contains 2 members and I have asked for a reinvite and it still only lists 2 members and I can't read others message and they can't see my message either..

    Please Help

    ps. I've also tried restoring from the Local Backup, but that doesn't seem to backup the group
    11-25-11 09:06 AM
  2. Paddy99's Avatar
    Try this:
    Switch off all your connections. Then make a backup of all your BBM contacts. A local backup is fine. Then restore this backup. Then turn your connections back on again. Worked for me, but then I did used a backup I'd made just before switching devices using the Desktop Manager.
    - Paddy
    12-05-12 04:40 PM