1. audio_engr's Avatar
    When I set Chat Options to keep messages for 3 Days, and Save, in no time it reverts back to Forever or 1 month or some other setting.

    Tried to set it, save and a manual battery pull - no change. Revert back to some other settings.

    Any suggestions ?

    Or does the problem lie with this ver of BBM ?

    With, I have been facing several problems though - like "Black colored Broadcast messages" & "unable to scroll UP from the bottom of a Group Chat"
    06-05-12 01:50 PM
  2. audio_engr's Avatar
    no one to answer ?
    06-06-12 03:21 PM
  3. undertrip's Avatar
    Nop its just a bug and this version have a lot of problem and bugs so download version that older than this
    06-08-12 07:55 AM