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    This is odd....I used to be able to send people pics via BBM. Now a few people get a "file transfer request has been sent to ______" message. However, one of my buddies doesn't get this request, it just send him the image. The annoying thing about the "request" is that it expires. So if someone doesn't read their BBM shortly after the request is sent, it expires and I have to resend.

    How do I get rid of this so it just sends over the file?

    Also, when I send the file directly from my camera, a small menu pops up that says "full menu"...I click on that then I'm able to send.

    I'm running version of BBM.
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    12-18-09 08:37 AM
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    No else has this issue?
    12-21-09 08:46 AM
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    download the new version of messenger.l blackberry.com/messenger from your mobile browser. It still sends these requests but this time the transfers work. I wasnt able to send pics with.33 but now I am able to.

    Good luck
    12-21-09 04:04 PM
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    Thanks! I had no idea there weas a newer version. I just updated to .33 a few weeks ago and assumed that was the latest and greatest. The update to .56 was a bit of PITA. It kept telling me I didn't have enough memory...and after I cleaned things up, it downloaded, but got hung up during the install and I had to start all over.

    So what's the deal with these "file requests"? I kinda liked the old way it sent pics over better.

    One of my buddy has an older version...I'd say previous to .33 When he sends me a pic, it still comes through the old way.
    12-22-09 08:33 AM