1. jly.public's Avatar
    Mine doesn't seem to work. Anyone else having issues?
    06-25-12 08:22 AM
  2. gbwalsh's Avatar
    Mines all good.
    06-25-12 08:33 AM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    All good here in DC
    06-25-12 08:42 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    No issues here. What are you experiencing?
    06-25-12 08:49 AM
  5. southlander's Avatar
    Aok here in North Carolina.

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    06-25-12 08:52 AM
  6. OniBerry's Avatar
    Good in Toronto, BBMing with some people from the Middle East and England right now. No issues on any of our ends.
    06-25-12 08:54 AM
  7. stelioskokk's Avatar
    Here is ok too Europe/Greece

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    06-25-12 08:57 AM
  8. jly.public's Avatar
    Looks like it might just be my phone acting up.
    06-25-12 10:33 AM
  9. OniBerry's Avatar
    Is it working again? Battery pull fix the issue(s)?
    06-25-12 12:06 PM
  10. jly.public's Avatar
    It started working again on its own. Battery pull didn't seem to fix it. Could have been the Sprint network.
    06-25-12 12:09 PM
  11. OniBerry's Avatar
    By any chance, are you using version or
    06-25-12 12:21 PM
  12. jly.public's Avatar
    Noep, I'm on 7.1

    By any chance, are you using version or
    06-25-12 12:25 PM
  13. OniBerry's Avatar
    Noep, I'm on 7.1
    I meant version of BBM...sorry
    06-25-12 12:27 PM