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    A lot of people I know are having weird BBM issues lately. Communication goes but one way, and you can't tell what's being read. Groups getting data dumps, along with individual chats. Some contacts have resolved themselves over time, but I had one that wouldn't.

    We tried removing each other, and reinviting, downgrading or upgrading BBM versions, and even creating a separate group. Nothing worked, till we delete each others BlackBerry contact info. I emailed his to myself before I did it, so I could restore it easily. So far, so good.

    It was so screwy, I received an invite to the group I created, after I gave up and deleted it on my end, because he never appeared to join.

    Hope this helps at least one CrackBerry peep, who too is experiencing a disturbance in the force.

    Just for fun:
    And no, he's just a friend.
    03-06-11 05:33 PM
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    RIM really needs to look into their servers, I'd like nothing more than seemless BBM conversation and group restores.

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    03-06-11 05:42 PM
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    BBM Services is so slow
    I sent messages to my friends on Monday, My friends receives the Message on Wednesday Morning.

    This happens quite allot:
    Message I've sent:

    Message that has been Receive:
    03-07-11 08:11 AM