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    Hey, I've always kept my BBM chat history on enable. It has worked well so far without any problems. However I've recently realised that with one contact that I talk with the most, the chat log file is split into two.

    When browsing through the files on the SD card, theres all the different contact chat logs with their pin as a .csv file. All the contacts chat log file is like it should be PIN#.csv apart from one.

    This one has two files the .csv and a .old file. When viewing the chat log in BBM, it only shows the last month or so. It doesn't show the full chat log, which is over 6 months.I believe that the rest could be on the .old file.

    How can I make this right again, merge them together or something?

    appreciate any replies and hope my explanation wasn't too confusing.
    05-16-10 02:31 PM
  2. brendonlee's Avatar
    I would guess that something funky happened to that .old file and the bbm created a new history file because it was either too big or corrupt. Have you tried opening the .old file with notepad++ or regular notepad on your computer? Then maybe you can at least save the data somewhere - assuming its not corrupt or encrypted somehow..

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    05-16-10 04:14 PM
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    I've just used opened with Notepad++ and it opened up fine. But the format isn't layed out like it is on the BBM. It's not possible too know the date, time and person.

    Now that I know that it's not corrupt, how can I view it properly or merge it with the current one?

    By the way just so you know, the file is 147kb, no other contact history file has reached that size yet. Could there be a file size limit? And if so why does it create an .OLD file and not just make another copy of a .csv so it's viewable on BBM?
    05-16-10 06:25 PM
  4. kawa90's Avatar
    Anyone have any ideas?
    05-19-10 06:12 PM
  5. robotaugenstine's Avatar
    Okay guys, I THINK this is the explanation - I copied the entire chat history onto my laptop. I then transferred only ONE contact's history, and it worked fine.
    06-27-11 07:03 AM
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    M using bold 9790 n currently m facin some issues wid d bbm messages as it is not showing whole history of a particular contact
    i dnt hv media card n i hv turned history to be saved on device...
    still it is showing only 200 messages per contact
    i dnt know how wud i change that
    plz help
    09-12-13 11:53 AM
  7. Bhanu Pratap1's Avatar
    m havin some chat issues wid my bold 9790
    as it is not storing all the history messages of a particular contact
    its only showing 200 messages per contact n automatically deleting the previous chat
    i dnt hv media card as it has inbuilt 6 gb of memory n i hv turned all the messages to be saved on device
    plz help
    09-12-13 11:57 AM