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    Dear Crackberry Forum Members;

    I'm pretty savvy when it comes to all things BlackBerry but I'd like some assistance to those more savvy and knowledgeable then I. Here is my situation:

    Went from a Blackberry Bold 9700 to a Bold 9900 and moved all of my chat history from my old PIN's history folder to my new PIN's history folder. The conversations continue like as if it were the same phone.

    One of my questions is just this: Some of my contact's changed phones as well, so they have new PIN's. I can't view their old history because it's reading it from a new *.csv file. Can I transfer their old PIN's chat history into their new PIN's chat history *.csv file?

    Question two: Why does BBM make a *.csv file and a *.OLD file for the same PIN contact? Does BBM read this *.OLD file as well as the *.csv file while viewing the chat log?

    Also, anyone know of any reason why I would have lost a good chunk of my chat log from (at least) one of my contacts for no reason that I can think of? I recently, within the last month, checked a friends chat history that went back 2 years and now that I look for it, it only goes back to Feb. 1st 2012.

    With that last statement, anyone know of a way to recover said chat history? I back up my BlackBerry with Desktop Manager often. I use BBM Backup Manager linked to 2 different e-mail accounts, though I'm sure that's only for the actual contacts itself. I also use BlackBerry Protect and backup my device weekly.

    I know it's a lot but thanks for any help that anyone may want to give.
    02-18-12 02:41 AM
  2. anon(4769375)'s Avatar
    Answer to question 1: Unlikely. In the csv file, it not only stores the chat history messages, but also the device pin from which those message came. If I'm not mistaken, the device pin appears on every line alongside the text (in the csv file). You could try rename the csv file to the new pin and see if that works.

    Answer to question 2: The csv files on the Blackberry have a size limit for some reason (Something like 147kb). Basically when your chat history with one contact gets too big (ie. you talk to them a lot) it will simply cut off the end and rename that section to '.OLD'.

    Hope that helps
    02-18-12 04:51 AM
  3. amanbatra's Avatar

    ive tried all possible ways i cud find on the net to transfer the chat history for bbm from the old phone to the new. even copied the chat history from the old pin to the new. it ust doesnt seem to work.

    svjones if you could help me here and advise me on how to transfer the chat history it wud be awesome!

    thanks in advance!
    05-15-12 07:54 AM
  4. simpletwin's Avatar
    what if i already have the .old files but they dont have all conversations i had? is it possible that the .OLD files also deleted automatically when it reached certain limit too, just like the.CSV files?
    and if there are such things, my older .OLD files might be deleted already, is there any ways i can get back the older .OLD files back? i needed them so badly. thank youuu.
    01-28-13 11:23 PM