08-20-12 10:06 AM
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  1. satanberry's Avatar
    I think people are pressing this combo by accident because they are tying to input cap P or L and accidentally press the delete key instead. I always press and hold the letter to get cap so I've never used it by accident.

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    03-09-11 11:04 PM
  2. BlackX7's Avatar
    Is it just me who gets annoyed when, in the BBM, while typing a message, if you accidentally happen to press "shift+delete" (it happens more than often with me), it deletes the whole damn message which you have so meticulously typed.
    Searched the forums, but didn't find a single thread pertaining to this issue. So apparently, it seems that it's just me who is getting bothered with this annoying feature. Is there a way to turn it off? BTW: I am on OS .294 and BBM

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    Nope! You aren't the only one who is getting mad when this happens.. Happened lots of time for me in the BBM and mostly its α looong message and this ***** feature deletes everthing!

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    03-10-11 08:49 AM
  3. danmurray40's Avatar
    I completely agree. This is a very frustrating feature. I can see how it might have seemed a good idea in theory, but in practice it is too easy to inadvertently hit that key sequence after having carefully crafted a long message. This has happened often and it is VERY FRUSTRATING every time!! I have never needed to use this feature intentionally. It should be possible to disable this "feature" or perhaps an UNDO function could be added...
    03-29-11 03:15 PM
  4. jem9777's Avatar
    How do u press this combo by accident? I use it and never have.
    Actually, I press it purposely (by mistake) sometimes, because in literally every other native app, SHIFT+DEL works like the delete key on a keyboard instead of backspace. It's infuriating that BBM is different. Make it work the same way everywhere.
    03-30-11 12:20 PM
  5. ash198's Avatar
    Absolutely typical case of: "Supplier decides what's best regardless of their users and also going against all industry standards and norms".

    This bug - and yes any BB employee reading this, it IS a bug because a "totally ****e feature" should be defined as a bug - is utterly infuriating not only because you want to smash your BB against a wall whenever it happens, but because every other similar service i.e. SMS text messaging or all the other vendors apps DON'T have this bug.

    And to those who say "yeah but it doesn't affect me". That's probably because your one of those lower caste people who don't use correct punctuation or in particular CAPITALS. Which is when this bug really shows up due to the ease of doing something really ****ing annoying and unintentional when writing a capital letter.


    Thanks & rant over.

    - Adam
    10-17-11 09:36 AM
  6. Ibn la Ahad's Avatar
    Pisses me off every single time I use the combo accidentally.
    10-17-11 04:00 PM
  7. mssca's Avatar
    How do u press this combo by accident? I use it and never have.
    I know this thread is old, but still there is no solution to this.... to answer your question, type LREE. You can ACCIDENTALLY hit del while trying to enter L because they are so close to each other. I was writing a long email to my prof on Light Rare Earth Elements and now all the long tying is gone. This is NOT just a BBM feature anymore, this S-H-I-T is now everywhere!

    RIM is starting make a lot of customers mad at this point!
    03-30-12 05:59 PM
  8. Phill_UK's Avatar
    I don't know whether this works on BBM, or on other OS versions, but on OS7.0/7.1 the 'shift+del' thing doesn't delete your text... it just cuts it.

    All you have to do is reposition your cursor, then hit Menu > Paste (or long click on the trackpad and select Paste).
    Your missing text should now reappear
    04-01-12 11:23 AM
  9. Bug_Bitching's Avatar
    This "feature" is SO FRUSTRATING. I have done this my mistake so many times, usually by pressing shift to do a capital letter then changing my mind and pressing shift to delete the previous letter, causing shift+delete and bam the whole f*cking paragraph is gone! I quite honestly think this is the single most annoying feature on a phone. At least give us an undo option.. please?!
    08-19-12 09:47 AM
  10. OniBerry's Avatar
    Yeah, I have been burned once or twice by hitting the shift+del combo by accident. I agree, we should have the option to turn it off.
    08-20-12 10:06 AM
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