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    Can anyone help out with this?

    Anytime after a reboot, BBM seems to load fine. I can see all my conversations in the messages screen. Can open them, can respond, and can receive messages. Once I actually open the BBM icon on my BB Desktop, I can scroll for about 3 seconds, then it freezes up and eventually give me the error message "Uncaught Exception: Application net_rim_bb_qm_peer(214) is not responding; process terminated". The number at the end changes.

    The only way to get it working, is to keep opening the icon, which takes about 3-5 minutes. I have to do this several times as it fails multiple times. Sometimes I have to reboot again and start all over to get it to stay stable.

    This has happened with, 55, 56, & 57. It has also happened with OS and On a 9700.

    PLEASE HELP. Its driving me MAD!
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    12-30-09 05:14 PM
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    Sounds like something is FUBAR'd with your Core Applications..... you may need to reboot the entire OS.

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    12-30-09 05:19 PM
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    by upgrading the OS 3 separate times, wouldn't that be enough to "reboot the entire OS"?
    12-30-09 05:21 PM
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    So I have gone to the extreme of deleting my entire contact list and have started to rebuild it one contact at a time. While I had no contacts, BBM was running perfectly.

    I re-invited all 67 of my contacts. While about 20 of them came back immediately, a reboot did not seem to affect BBM. After the next 19 came in, a reboot has caused the same "Not responding" error if I actually try to open the BBM application.

    I can still use BBM by accessing a conversation in the messages list or starting a conversation via the address book.

    So I guess one of my contacts is messing up my database? How is this possible??? PLEASE HELP. This must be a bug, but I don't know what to do about it.

    The error I get is in the jpg attached. I will do just about anything to figure this out...I just don't want to ask all 67 people to be friends again...
    01-04-10 01:40 AM