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    I've decided to make a catch all FAQ type thread since I see multiple threads everyday concerning BBM 5.0 and 4.7 upgrade and downgrade procedures and problems. Any links I supply here are subject to be taken down at any time, so please, if you notice they dont work any longer let me know ASAP so they can be fixed.

    ATTENTION ALL CDMA 8330 USERS, espcially Verizon branded Curve 8330's. Blackberry Messenger 5.0 will not work with OS version, which is what most Verizon 8330's come with out of the box. Please DO NOT install BBM 5.0 until you upgrade your OS to version or higher. You can find the OS here ----> https://hookedontronyx.com/Blackberr..._4.5.0.131.exe
    NOTE: Files have been removed due to "takedown" order from RIM, but a Google search will lead you to the correct files.

    You can find the proper upgrade procedure here ----> http://forums.crackberry.com/f95/pro...ocedure-53359/

    Where do I get BBM 5.0?

    There are two ways. The first way is to download it OTA (over the air) from within your Blackberry browser. Basically, you just enter the link in your Blackberry browser and it will automatically open a download window. All you need to do is click "download" and "yes" to any prompts you get during the install. The links are below

    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_4.7.0/BBMen.jad <-- for the Storm
    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_4.7.1/BBMen.jad <-- for the Tour
    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_4.5.0/BBMen.jad <-- for the Curve/Pearl
    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_4.6.0/BBMen.jad <-- for the Bold
    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_4.6.1/BBMen.jad <-- for the 8900
    http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/For_5.0.0/BBMen.jad <-- for OS and below. NOTHING HIGHER!!

    The second way to install BBM 5.0, is to do it through Desktop Manager. There is a .zip file, which contains all the necessary files needed. Once downloaded, just unzip the folder for your OS and follow the instructions below.

    The needed zip folder containing the files can be found here ---> https://hookedontronyx.com/Blackberr...BBM5.0.0.8.zip

    the instructions to install those files can be found here ---> http://forums.crackberry.com/f153/ho...anager-271622/

    How can I get BBM 4.6 back if i dont like BBM 5.0 or if it crashes my phone?

    There is an OTA link which is here --> http://yourcbcfamily.org/bb/curvebbm/bbm.jad

    If you want to use Desktop Manager to do it, follow the directions from the DM install process. This time, replace the new files with the ones you backed up from earlier.

    Where did my BBM icon go after the install of BBM 5.0?

    Its possible the icon is in your "Instant Messaging" folder, if you have one. Check there first. If you installed BBM 5.0 on OS, then you need to re-download it after an upgrade or download 4.6 again using the OTA link above.

    Whats this email I get from Blackberry regarding the use of BBM 5.0?

    Some people got this email, some didnt even notice it. Since BBM 5.0 uses your email address to associate with your BBM contacts list, RIM sends this email to you. Just leave it be, as it should process all by itself.

    The source of all the BBM 5.0 OTA files were from the following link...

    New BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 ZIP And OTA Download Links! | Apps & Games | BlackBerry Rocks!

    If for some reason they get taken down or no longer work, google "blackberry messenger 5.0 ota download" and you should be able to find working links elsewhere.

    Credit to all other contributors and writers of the threads I linked to and Tronyx for hosting what he can for us. And again, as usual, none of us here at Crackberry can be held liable for any damage caused when attempting to install BBM 5.0.

    Mods, if you deem this useful, please sticky it and lock it.
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