1. reisb's Avatar
    I'm probably one of the few that hasn't upgraded to BBM 5.0 yet. Don't have issues with 4.7 (except when upgrade link shows up when I open bbm half the time) and don't care about contact avatars or barcode.

    BBM 4.7 is less than 500kb
    BBM 5.0 is 3MB

    That will drastically lower my available application memory, right? I'm already down to 29MB with only: App World, Facebook, Navita Translator, Opera Mini 5, Pandora, Quickpull, ScoreMobile, Shazam, Where, Youmail VVM Plus, and YouTube.
    12-23-09 08:52 PM
  2. jlawler4's Avatar
    BBM 5.0 is 2.4MB (I remember from just upgrading). If you are right about the size of BBM 4.7, and I have no reason to doubt you, I am very surprised. Regardless, it is fantastic to text ALL contacts from one place, whether they have BB's or not. And furthermore, what's the problem? That would make you at 26.6MB. Big deal. No one should be worried about App Memory anymore.
    12-23-09 08:57 PM
  3. Curis's Avatar
    For some reason, BBM shows up as 3MB in App World, but if you download it directly from Blackberry.com, it shows as 2.4MB.

    It's just one of those puzzles like determining the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop (and, don't listen to Mr. Owl--that piece of avian trash cheated!).
    12-23-09 09:08 PM