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    i was just looking through an o2 guru page on blackberrys and it says a couple of questions im trying to work out....

    How do I associate my BlackBerry ID with my email?
    On the newer phones with handheld software code v7, you are prompted to create a BlackBerry ID during the set up process. If you create a BlackBerry ID it will associate itself with your BIS email account automatically (as well as with any other apps you have logged into and are supported by BBID). This is a compulsory step on handheld code v7.

    What are the benefits of associating a BlackBerry ID with my BIS email?
    The benefits all come when you next change phones. If you move to another BlackBerry with handheld code v7 or higher, then you simply need to put your BBID into your new phone during the set up process your email accounts will be set up and validated automatically.

    does this mean now that phones on say os 7 or os 7.1 that our email accounts are now integrated into our blackberry id? So if i was to say sell a blackberry i would just have to security wipe the device removing my BBID and then no future emails from a personal account could go through to the device without being logged into the BBID? And if i then decided to get another BB then id simply just have to sign into my BBID and my old email settings will be there for my hotmail account?

    is that how BBID now works on os 7 and above?

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    10-19-12 07:45 PM

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