1. firsttimecaller's Avatar
    Thoughts on whether video calls will be possible, through BBM or otherwise, over the cell network, instead of WiFi.

    Using BB's data compression (this may not even matter), video calls over cell would be really nice, even if it was just to other blackberry's. The leash of WiFi is too short. Obviously, BB10 to Playbook video calls would be nice.

    Seems as if Android users dont vid chat that much, even on "4G." Is there something I am overlooking?

    Thanks CB Nation

    9900, PB, and too many shares of RIMM : /
    05-09-12 01:31 PM
  2. psufan32's Avatar
    Video chat via cell phones is more of a gimmick than anything else. iOS's FaceTime got a lot of press, but overall, little use. They are good technologies, but not yet mature in their use and integration into the rest of our tech lives.

    I would hope that RIM's video calling will be able to be done over a cell network... if not, you can try to do it via Google+ which allows video chatting over a call network. To be limited to Wifi these days would be ridiculous.
    05-09-12 01:57 PM
  3. MoolahMitch's Avatar
    I was wondering about this myself. It might be too soon for them to incorporate the Playbook video chat into the BBM application and NOC infrastructure but then again they might have thought about this as well since we have.
    05-09-12 02:36 PM