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    Hi CB'sters, anyone who wanted to share their experience (or should I say satisfaction) using this OS-Radio version on their device?

    Had my update hours ago, but while waiting for the stabilization period, I wonder what to expect, based on your in posts.

    I'll post mine as soon as I finish to play along with it.

    Happy Posting!

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    01-11-14 07:18 AM
  2. tonytraj17's Avatar
    So far so good! I am using, at the moment, a Z10 STL100-3 and have seen increased battery life over the 1899 radio and no connectivity issues. Bluetooth works great, i have good signal strength, and nothing weird has happened with data usage.
    01-11-14 11:22 AM
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    Facebook does not show updates in the hub...but it does after you open facebook app!

    Posted via CB10
    01-11-14 01:59 PM
  4. todparsons's Avatar
    So far everything has been fine if not improved and I'm now using loads of android apps so it's definitely worth the upgrade :P

    Posted with my z10 running Z10STL100-2/
    01-12-14 12:30 AM
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    I could attribute it with the FB app, I also experience the same with the previous BB10 release (official

    It may be a possibility that it was still not addressed in this release (though my FB works fine at 1925).

    For now, I would say that the OS wasn't the culprit.
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    01-12-14 07:25 AM
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    It's been a month running with this combination and as I left mentioned in this thread, below is the summary of my experience. Let me start with my preference on how I use my device.

    How I play with my Q10:
    I hate several screens, therefore I compacted my screen into 2 windows. �First window displays only the calendar (only to give way for my wallpaper to be seen). The second window where you could find it all (grouped the icons based on how I see them work)

    Utilized Hub's "Unread Filter" (pinched gesture) as default view. Somehow it gives a bit of privacy, since my messages were not displayed at a glance in case someone played along with my device.
    I found the accessibility of the Hub has a tiny drawback, but that pinched gesture addresses it.

    Not a fan of sideloading android apps, but I keep the runtime installed on my device. Other default apps which I uninstalled were DropBox, LinkedIn and Twitter.

    Most of the time I keep notes on my device, using the Remember and DocsToGo apps. Loved the benefit provided by the Box app, that 10GB storage is enough for my needs. �On top of it, I use my device as a primary means of communication, may it be text, emails or fb.
    Too bad that I don't have much friends on BBM, I was hoping to use this app soon.

    I don't have struggles moving from an Android device to a BlackBerry device. To be exact from my DroidRazr to Q10. Honestly I've learned to love Q10 even before I personally own it and was just reading on its reviews. The only thing that holds me to my Android were the UltimateGuitar and the solid Facebook app.

    Additional Installed Apps:
    YouVersion Bible App
    TP Soft Pocket Dictionary

    The GOODS:
    - Useful Device Monitor
    -�Radio, I don't notice that battery life improvement (as some users claim), but signal strength basically improves a bit.
    - GPS' satellite location improves, I get connected in an instant.
    - FM radio was an added value to the device
    - very useful shortcut commands from the Home screen.

    - Text functions, not that fluid when it comes to functions as text selections pop-up menu. Unresponsive screens at times.
    - I found it hard to move my cursor to the leftmost or rightmost side of the screen.
    - this is weird, not sure if you guys also has the same experience, but I have instances wherein I found myself disconnected on a data connection even when I was connected either thru wifi or my providers data plan.
    - FB and Hub solid integration

    Enhancements Request:
    - Customized apps who could extend the screen timeout
    - add new sheets in Sheets To Go
    - support to create ppt for Docs To Go
    - Battery optimizations (I'm saying this all over my posts when it relates to battery, I believe BlackBerry Dev's could still work with it)
    - the Hub to have that auto cleanup facility for older messages
    - an app equivalent to that of Motorola's SmartActions

    Running Q10 BB10.2.1 (OS1925-RADIO1926)
    02-02-14 09:38 PM

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