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    The BB Protect website provides the last date and time for a feature that was used. But here's another fact you have to find out on your own. If you're not aware, the date is displayed as dd / mm / yy. So why is this important? Well, when I recently accessed the page, it displayed my last usage date as 9 / 1 / 12 which I assumed was September 1st because I've always used the month / day / year format. But the last time I actually used those features was in January. So I thought my page and other data had been compromised. But after it displayed the last recent activity as 27 / 12 / 12, I realized it was how BB displays the date along with the fact that there ain't 27 months in the year! So I guess the order of date info is personal preference and how the Canadians must do it. So if anybody else is accustomed to the month being listed first, this is why the last usage date may seem wrong when numbers 12 and below are used first in their date format. It sure would be nice if BB put a little note on that page that indicated how their date format is listed.
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