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    Hey guys, my wife and I just switch to the 8530's from LG Dares. Love the phone so far but we have 1 annoying problem. When I text my wife it is received as a bb message rather than a SMS message. We have no plans to use the BB messager because we are the only 2 people we know with BBs. What is really weird is when she texts me I receive them as an SMS message. Also, it seems recently that she gets this ghost notification but can't seem to clear it when she checks her messages. Only fix we have found is a battery pull, which is unacceptable imo. Please help.
    01-20-10 07:14 AM
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    Is it possible that she has you linked to her BBM?
    01-20-10 07:39 AM
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    In BBM, and now in the threaded chats, when you receive a text, you need to not just read it, but make sure your curser rolls up into the text to all parts read.
    Example: I have BBM open on my phone, my wife messages me, I see it, but if I don't make some sort of gesture I've read it, like rolling the curser up, or replying, the notification will stay. I suspect it's now the same way in the threaded texts. Best way to check is next time this happens, open your sms 'chat' and scroll all the way through it. See if your icon disappears.
    As far as sms showing up in BBM, not really sure about that, 2 different animals, but as the previous poster stated, perhaps she linked your contact in some way.
    Only other thing I could think of is perhaps a theme issue if you're using a custom theme, combining messages...but I don't think that'll happen with BBM.
    Make sure she's selecting you from her contacts, and then choosing to sms you. It gives a lot of options, sms, mms, pin, etc.
    01-20-10 07:50 AM
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    Thanks for the replies. Its not her sending messages to me its the messages I send to her. Is there a way to remove BBM? I just want rid of it. We are happy with the switch to BB but honestly they are not the most user friendly.

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    01-20-10 08:24 AM
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    Oh and ps she is not using a theme, it is right out of the box

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    01-20-10 08:25 AM
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    Is it possible that she has you linked to her BBM?
    Where would I check to see if this the case?

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    01-20-10 08:53 AM
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    Check to see if you and you're wife are running version 5.0 instead of the 4.x versions (do this by going to Options --> Status.)

    If you are running version 5.0, what's hapening is that text messages are now shown in chat format, so even though it's a text, it will show like a bb messenger message. There is also no way to change this to just text messages, as this chat feature was requested by many bb users. You may try downgrading to the 4.x versions, which will show the text messages as just text messages.

    What I think may be happening is that she is running version 5.0, and you're running version 4.x. If you update your version to 5.0, things should be sorted out. You can check for updates by using Desktop Manager on your pc, and connecting your blackberry to your pc, or by going to Options --> Advanced Options --> Wireless Update. If no updates can be found, your carrier isn't supplying it yet, but you can update to the version using the following thread: Click here (don't worry if it shows a different carrier, the versions are the same for all carriers).
    01-20-10 04:49 PM
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    We are both running 5.0 I figured it out she had simply link her contact of me by adding my pin to my "contact" as soon as I unlinked it she was fine.
    01-20-10 07:41 PM