1. LA.Hwang's Avatar
    Why did my last update on my BB Curve (via BB Desktop Manager) uninstall my BB Messenger???

    Happen to anyone else?
    12-25-09 12:47 AM
  2. decolur455's Avatar
    Are you sure it's gone? I did the same thing yesterday. I hooked it up to DM and it showed that it was deleting 4.7 even though I had 5.0 on there. It throw me for a loop for a min. until it finished and it showed the 5.0 was in fact still on there. Even though 4.7 was not showing on my device it still said so on DM???
    12-25-09 01:21 AM
  3. phonejunky's Avatar
    same here for some reason or another my desktop manager decided to hide my blackberry messenger
    12-25-09 01:27 AM
  4. SpaceMonster's Avatar
    Well one of the more recent versions of BBM rather shockingly caused the data service to crash. I got an urgent message to upgrade my BBM. Did you not upgrade? Maybe it got deleted out?
    12-25-09 01:30 AM
  5. 68810jfh's Avatar
    I just downloaded the latest version of bbm (I have a Tour from Sprint) and all of the photos for my contacts are now gone...soooo, how do I download photos in my list of contacts?
    12-25-09 01:42 AM
  6. Tarah21's Avatar
    I went to do the update after the Northeast crash of BBM the other night. It made my phone lock up during the dl and we took the battery out and then BBM WAS GONE! My bf foudn it but everytime I try to restore my contacts it says waiting for verification email from BB and it never comes this is 48 hrs now.I have no pics just the blue guys, and I know that it used to pull the pics through facebook. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS THING!?!?!? HALP!
    12-25-09 12:37 PM
  7. Xopher's Avatar
    What OS version do you have on your Curve? I believe the most recent updates require or newer. People who have had .66 have seen the icon disappear.

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    12-25-09 10:06 PM