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    One of the so-called "secret code" keyboard shortcuts that interests me is Alt+BUYR in Options - Device - Device & Status Information (OS 7.1, though I don't need to hit alt, just type buyr) See screenshot...
    It shows up at the bottom after device information and is called Buyers Remorse. It displays data usage, voice usage and IT policy. It shows data usage as "exceeded 1048576K". In the 4 months I've had my 9360 I know I've used well over 5GB so it seems that the counter reaches a certain point where it stops counting (obviously 1.04GB!) My girlfriend also has a 9360 for longer than me and hers displays the same. I'm just wondering if anyone knows a way to reset this counter? I've done one clean OS upgrade and a couple of wipes recently so that doesn't affect or reset that, whereas data monitor apps always reset if you wipe. I guess this is a trivial thing but I'd really love a way to monitor data usage without my data being cleared/reset after a wipe!

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    P.S. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum!!

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    wow. that's a lot of voice usage. assuming it's hours:minutes:seconds. i'm at 20:53. that's since i got the device june 13 2011.
    08-19-12 02:38 PM
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    I've had my device almost 2 years and I'm at 2:17:25:42!
    08-20-12 10:51 AM
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    Haha I've got my bb 2 months now and I am at 2:21:59:23

    But still have the question about data usage exceeded...
    09-16-12 06:57 PM