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    For some reason, and I'm not sure if its the BB or Google, but I am getting multiple copies of certain events on certain days. In addition, I have events from my schedule flat out vanishing. You can see how the top week in the attached image is very different from the rest of the month (my mornings are the same each week due to class).


    Not exactly sure where the issue would lie. Any thoughts?
    09-05-11 11:31 PM
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    I have up on google sync a long time ago for this very reason.

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    09-05-11 11:32 PM
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    I have up on google sync a long time ago for this very reason.

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    I need someway to export my calender in a way that my wife can view it when I'm at home. Most of the time I get massively tied up with school stuff and forget to physically write it down on a calender.

    Thought I would try this out and when it works, it's great. Just becoming annoyed with issues like this.
    09-05-11 11:34 PM
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    yea that's really odd

    You may have it synced twice: through BIS and through the Google Sync app? By BIS I mean when you add your gmail account it asks if you want to sync contacts and calendar as well. I just sync through BIS however with sync you can view your multiple calendars. I assume all your information is under the one calendar under the one account cause its all the same colour.

    How would you like your wife to view the calendar? On her phone or from another desktop whereever she may be whilst you are at home? If she has a google account as well if you click on your main calendar and goto share this calendar, you can add her gmail account and set permissions to view and edit events; that way you can both see and make changes to the calendar. If you want to export it so that she can view it on something like outlook, click on calendar settings next to your main calendar and down the bottom it has public and private address. Download the ical file and send that to her to which she can add that to whatever PIM software she is using.

    If you want her to be able to see it on her phone as well, assuming it is a BB, because it will come up as another calendar under her Google account (super annoying how you can't have multiple calendars under BB's PIM software... biggest pet peeve) she'll have to use google sync so that she can at least view it, otherwise use the Google mobile 'app' - really its a link to online access which properly displays all your different calendars in an agenda view.

    One other trick I read was to create a google account thatyou both can access say [email protected] and you both add this as a google account. This will allow you to have both your personal calendars AND a 'shared' calendar on the hally and sally account because the BB PIM allows you to have multiple calendars - however, just one per account. So by adding another account (from which you can import all your data from your personal calendars like class times etc to the MAIN calendar - remember that it'll only show ONE calendars PER account) you can both see and edit that calendar.

    Convoluted I know and my instructions may not be that clear, so someone else may be able to better explain.

    Sorta makes me want to go back to Android the way BB handles Google accounts...
    09-06-11 08:30 PM
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    I had a similar issue, although maybe not as many times as that. I assume that your Google Calendar is correct? The following will work if the BB is the only problem.

    I stopped the problem by 1. deleting my BB calendar 2. uninstalling and installing the Google sync app and resyncing the calendar 3. not editing recurring events using my BB calendar. If I need to make a change to a recurring event, I use a browser to do it on Google Calendar. I haven't had the problem since.
    09-07-11 12:55 PM