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    Hi everyone.
    I reluctantly switched to a BB (Pearl) on VZW (been on VZW most of my life) 2 years ago and would never be without one now.
    It's time to upgrade and my phone of choice would be a 9700.
    I'm hesitant switching carriers though.
    I understand that AT&T is faster, but VZW has a larger 3G network.
    My primary concern is NEVER missing an email.
    With VZW and my Pearl I never have.
    Should I have any concerns if I switch?

    PS - I'm aware of the 9650 coming to VZW, but the longer battery life and slightly smaller form factor would make the 9700 a better fir for me.


    - Dave
    01-12-10 04:12 PM
  2. syb0rg's Avatar
    As long as you can maintain EDGE on your phone, you will get emails pushed to your device with ATT. If you should drop to edge, GSM/gsm, GPRS/gprs you will drop emails. but the nice thing is when you get EDGE/3G back you will get those emails pushed back to your device.

    ATT is faster but in fewer places. Verzion has larger, slightly slower, coverage.... dunno t-Mobile is working on rolling out HSPA+ (3G+) but their 3G coverage is spotty when you get into the boon-docks...

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    01-12-10 04:30 PM
  3. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    choose the device AFTER you decide on a carrier. I wouldn't switch if Verizon is working for you. It works for me, hence why I stay with them even though ATT has the bold..
    01-12-10 04:34 PM
  4. sedalia066's Avatar
    ATT works well for me but VZW in my area is just as good. E-mail is very reliable if sometimes delayed when we travel in areas with poor coverage.

    +1 pick the carrier first in your area. Both ATT and VZW have fine phones to offer.

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    01-12-10 04:48 PM
  5. jww700's Avatar
    I agree to go with the best carrier in your area. I've had at&t since the cingular days. In near Stl, Missouri and have no issues.

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    01-12-10 04:54 PM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    I switched to at&t for the bold and thought I would have reception issues and it turns out I have been getting better reception in my house with at&t then I did with verizon.. you really have to find out how it is in your area you can always test drive the network for 30 days and see if it works for you
    01-12-10 05:03 PM