1. Melinda Musil's Avatar
    Recently updated my BB Bold 9000 from 4.6.x to

    Desktop Software/Manager now says (under the Application Summary) I need to update "Blackberry 5.0.0 Core Applications", at a size of 35.2MB. Also it says that I've exceeded the available space and "125.5MB (application storage).

    It won't let me do anything until this "core applications" thing is upgraded.

    I've wiped and restored TWICE and with no luck, can't make it go away.

    I've deleted a LOT of apps. This has made some "blue" appear on the apps bar but it has not changed the numbers that appear in the desktop software.

    I've read a few other forums and it seems that this is not a unique problem but I haven't yet found a solution. Help!
    06-02-11 12:16 AM
  2. BhargavaBVN's Avatar
    Yesterday when i connected my bb to desktop manager for a backup..the same thing appeared.
    I too deleted many apps that i dont use but still..dont get enough space.
    I dont feel I can make a space of 36 MB.
    need a way to increase space for apps.Like in android, we can add apps to media card.
    The best way I suppose is to leave it without update or buy android and be happy. (unfortunately, I cant live without BBM-whatsapp is helping to some extent but seems I am BBM addicted)
    03-20-13 02:29 AM