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    A week ago, I took in all my companies BB's to clean them up a bit and make sure they are all on BES. Didn't really change anything other than making our company logo the home screen wallpaper. Since doing this, several of them have reported their batteries dying very quickly. All phone are either the 9650, or 9930. Any ideas??? Does BES drain the battery? Would the wallpaper do anything? Both of these seem like a shot in the dark, but I didn't change anything else.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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    07-23-13 06:29 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    They're all lying, they just want new phones and are using you as their scapegoat since you were the last to touch them ALL lol. There's no real reason a WP change would cause battery drain.
    07-23-13 09:10 PM
  3. anon(4141156)'s Avatar
    I wish it was that simple Bla1ze, but i have watched fully charged batteries go dead in about 4 hours while just sitting on my desk.
    07-24-13 12:06 AM
  4. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Well then something else is going on because a wallpaper doesn't kill the battery. My only real experience with bes is on a 9810, and that thing had surprisingly good battery life. I would say you're looking at some other culprit for the battery drain. Probably an app or poor signal. Did you check all the unused connections making sure they were off?
    07-24-13 12:16 AM
  5. anon(4141156)'s Avatar
    There are no other connections on and there is only one app running but it was running before. I am really stumped.
    07-24-13 09:26 AM
  6. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Maybe it has something to do with how you set up bes. I'd call blackberry tech support. Good luck
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    07-24-13 11:20 AM
  7. kye2000's Avatar
    Check all batterys and see if they spin around on a flat surface and if they do, you should get new batterys
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    07-25-13 05:25 AM
  8. anon(4141156)'s Avatar
    I am doing that. Have had 6 batteries from the 9650's. But none of the 9930's are that way and they are still dying.
    07-25-13 03:56 PM
  9. anon(4141156)'s Avatar
    Just an update to everyone that tried to help........while I had all of our company phones, I also created a new BBM group. When I added my wifes Z10 to the group, all the groups on her phone disappeared. She called Verizon, they called BB, everyone was aware of the problem. Yesterday after getting the 10.1 software update her groups reappeared, and it seems like most of the batter issues both on her phone, and even all the company phones have gone away.
    Any possibility that all this is related? May sound very odd, but I wonder if when her groups disappeared her phone was constantly trying to reconnect to them, and somehow draining her battery and even everyone else in the group???? May be a long shot, but it seems like a very big coincidence that when her groups were restored, the phones that were having battery issues no longer had issues.

    Thanks for all your help, gotta love the CB Nation!!
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    07-27-13 02:40 PM

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