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    Hi there, I've done some brief searching but I cannot find anything regarding this.

    Is there a way (or a program) that can autoforward BBM messages and PIN's to my email address? I know there's one for SMS, but I need one specifically for BBM and PIN's. I frequently travel across the border and I need to turn off my data services to avoid roaming costs (I got dinged over $200 one time because I left it on, but that's my mistake).

    If I can get it via email I can just read my messages on my laptop when I get to my hotel or a wi-fi area.

    I'm crossing the border in a week and will be there for about 6 weeks... Man, will I miss bbm!!!

    06-28-10 02:34 PM
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    06-29-10 11:17 AM
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    I've never heard/seen such a service. It would be helpful, however, for situations such as the one you find yourself in. Maybe a good dev could get working on something like this in terms of a 3rd party applications, although I'm not sure it could be done. One would need to have access to RIM's servers etc. presumably, to grab those messages. Too, encryption would most likely become a problem... Decrypting the messages could prove extraordinarily difficult as I'm not sure anyone has been able to do that with the PIN messages (and BBMs that use the same system) although I'm no expert.

    Sorry mate.
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    06-29-10 11:21 AM
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    Don't think this is possible and if it is then it needs to be done by RIM.

    If your Data services are off then there's no way your phone can ever receive the message to even forward to an email. Being that these messages are all tied to your specific PIN/phone I don't see how they could be sent to a "cloud" to then forward to an email address. RIM is also concerned with security, and I see this as a major breach in that.

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    Actually I did find something that can forward sms and PIN messages. I installed the free trial version (allows 10 forwards) and it works like a charm! It's called txtForward (do a search on it here)... Only it doesn't forward bbm messages.

    "ridesno159", good point about it being useless when my data services are turned off... Now I guess my only option is to call Rogers to find out if they have any data plans for going into the US for roaming...
    06-29-10 11:39 AM
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    auto forward bbm sukleny and pins 29A73579 into email: ibra_salih@yahoo.co.id or ABDUL RAHIM2
    04-02-13 02:01 PM
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    What are you asking for? Considering this thread is 3 years dead.
    04-02-13 02:04 PM