1. DGloudemans's Avatar
    Hello CB and BB users,

    Since today i have big issue with AppWorld on the web (not device).

    When i go to BlackBerry App World - Free BlackBerry Apps - Official Store and i select Sign in, it ask me for my BBID/email, and password, this works fine it logs-in and i see right corner: MyDevices and next to it My World.

    When i click on My World, the page is refresh to the webpage: https://blackberryid.blackberry.com/...54aHRtbA%3D%3D

    If u read the url it is saying : callbackurl what in the **** is this?
    It asks again for my BBID/email, so i put in my BBID & Password, and click Sign-In, and then... It reloads again Please Sign-in with your BBID, this keeps going on and on and on, so im not able to see My World, it keeps asking for my BBID.

    What is going on? Is Rim prepare there system for BB10 release, or is it the name change BlackBerry App World -> BlackBerry World?

    I know im not the only one, i have hear people that have/had the Error refreshing Application List (last couple of weeks) also have this issue.

    Please reply if u have this problem, so i can sent all of your case numbers to Rim.

    i have try the tips from RIM: Other PC, other IP address even clear cache on IE, i even used CCleaner and restart my pc. I also have try: Chome,Firefox,Opera,Safari nothing works, i even deleted AppWorld Internet plugin, and still not able to go to My World...

    12-06-12 03:08 PM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. I use Chrome and I cannot log in to the App World website. When I try, it just refreshes the page and wants me to log in again. Sigh....
    12-06-12 03:23 PM
  3. adamschuetze's Avatar
    Yeah me also. I am thinking this is related to the earlier reported issue by James Harmeling:


    If anybody else is suffering from this, add me on BBM (27F477C1) and I'll invite you to our BBM group, related to all these "My World" problems.
    Last edited by adamschuetze; 12-07-12 at 04:01 PM. Reason: Harmeling, not Sharmeling. Sorry :)
    12-07-12 03:59 PM

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