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    Application Resource Monitor has been updated to the version 2.0 since mid-february in the BetaZone.

    This morning, I have got an icon notification from Blackberry world that my Application Resource Monitor has received an update from 1.0 to
    Happy to receive some love from Blackberry Team, I have updated the application as usual and then let the phone rebooted. Interestingly after rebooting, the app "ARM - Application Resource Monitor" was well shown in my options menu but with lack of descriptions and impossibility to access it.
    I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it, rebooted the phone with no luck and the same result.

    Is anyone having the same issue with this Application Resource Monitor ?
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    03-26-13 10:52 AM
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    I've heard of several other people having this issue as well. Could you post your device information (model number, software bundle, etc.)? You can find this under Options > Device > About Device Versions. Also, do you happen to know what version of ARM you were upgrading from?

    Edit: It looks like they've released a newer version ( You should try it.
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    03-26-13 03:31 PM
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    Hi J_G,

    Thanks for your very quick feed back.
    I had also try to contact BBRY support via twitter and posted also the same issue on their forums.

    I managed to resolve my issue with thanks to an OTA install (www.rroyy.com). First with old version ( and then with version
    Then like you mentioned, I found out that there was a very new released version with Uninstalled my and gave a try to the It installed like a charm and without requesting a reboot of the device.

    Nice to see that BBRYTeam gives a bit of Love to the legacy OS and then when an issue appears, they correct it very quickly.

    All resolved.
    03-27-13 10:30 AM
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    I install this update and now my 9930 is trashed. Before my battery life was good (about a day and a half of normal use). Now, I can make a 5 minute phone call with full charge and battery goes dead before call is completed. If I plug in to recharge, the battery goes to full charge almost immediately.

    The good news is was pushed out on Verizon this morning. Hopefully it fixes the issue. Time will tell......
    03-27-13 02:53 PM
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    For all users, please update to v2.0.0.45, which became available today.
    03-27-13 03:19 PM
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    For all users, please update to v2.0.0.45, which became available today.
    So far, so good with the v2.0.0.45 update. It seems like it has fixed whatever the previous update screwed up.
    03-28-13 09:22 AM