1. utomo's Avatar
    I read some similar thread, but look like there is no detail explanation/solutions.

    last month I got 0 memory free, and many battery pull also did not help to much.
    after disabled some search indexing, it help for a month only, and then the application memory (other) again Growing and eating available memory.
    and again the free memory become 0 again

    1. anybody know how to limiting the application memory (other) ? so not eating all available/ free memory ?
    2. or any third party solutions to keep the application memory (other) smaller ?
    3. why RIM did not limiting this ? so our BB did not get hang many times ? I think it is stupid to allow the application memory (other) eating all available memory. at least keep 5-10 MB free is good
    09-20-12 08:10 PM